About Horner’s Cemetery

Horner’s Cemetery was one of the first cemeteries in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The first interment was in 1745. The last was in 1945. The cemetery holds the remains of many famous founders of the area, including three generals, seven Esquires, four doctors, three ministers, and at least 21 documented veterans, from four wars.

Notable burials include:

Jane Horner, who was the first woman in the county killed by Indians.

Gen. Robert Brown, a personal friend of George Washington. During a visit, George Washington gave General Brown a small tree in the spirit of their friendship. The memory of that tree is alive as the logo used by Bath and East Allen Township.

General John Ralston was a member of the Constitutional Convention and the Continental Congress, and helped frame the Constitution of the United States of America.

James Ralston made his place in history by building Fort Ralston, which was located nearby. He founded the town of Bath, Pennsylvania.

Arthur Lattimore owned the first house in Bath, Pennsylvania.

Captain Hays owned Hays Tavern (now the Weaversville Hotel).

Hugh Wilson was the founder of the town of Northampton PA. He constructed Wilson’s Blockhouse.